The art of Motivating. Changing boring targets into enchanting events.

HelloLympics Opening Ceremony

From the day we’ve started we knew and understood we had to do things differently. Motivating our teams was certainly one of them. Everybody has seen the boring target sheets in a meeting room at a certain stage in their career.

Nice if you are that Analytical Angie that craves to be the next Wolf of Wall Street one day, but for the majority in a company it doesn’t necessarily ignite the fire.

We decided to embody goals and targets in a fresh and vibrant way. We created events around these seasonal targets. We've had our HelloLympics™ , HelloTomorrow™ and currently The HelloLympics Winter edition™. Complete with customized artwork, uplifting videos, medals, prizes, international team events, Wintersport Holidays and VIP weekends to Tomorrowland.
And as work will still be work it does make a hell of a difference if you go to work knowing in the evening you might have won VIP tickets for Tomorrowland or your team can go for some cool wintersports somewhere around the globe. Are you a winner? Be sure to check our vacancies at jobs.helloprint.com and grab those golden medals. Begin it to win it!