The Road to Kennedy Space Centre [USA] for our High Performers.

Setting and trying to achieve goals and KPI’s is done in every company but since Culture is leading at Helloprint we wanted to spice up things a bit. Space is an interesting topic and companies such as Space-X, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have been a huge inspiration to us. The companies and their forward thinking leaders have interesting approaches to entrepreneurship and business.

Hello-X, our latest season theme is an ode to the Sanctity of Space. After 2 editions of the Hellolympics and HelloTomorrow we thought it was time to raise the bar. Trips to Valencia, Tomorrowland and Winter Sports for the winners of our previous season themes have been amazing but since we ask our team members to go the extra mile it’s only fair we also raise the bar for ourselves as a company.

High achievers sign at Helloprint

It goes without saying that Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have shaped their companies so successfully that they could take the next step and think about space travel. Although actually building rocket ships is currently a bit too far for Helloprint we do think that we have created the right mindset with our Hello-X theme.

Success starts with visualising your dreams, and our Hello-X moonshot goals have created this visualisation to lead us to greater success. We can’t wait to see which team collects all four mission patches on their uniforms and will go on a trip to Kennedy Space Centre, Florida - USA.