Employee Happiness

Employee Happiness

How do you keep 150 people from all over the globe happy?

At Helloprint, we believe that our culture is what really differentiates us from other companies. By recruiting the best and most motivated people, we believe that we will always be able to reach our most challenging goals. Still, how do you attract the right characters? How do you keep them all happy, especially with over 20 nationalities in the mix?

Measure Employee Happiness and make it the most important KPI in the company

At Helloprint, both attracting and keeping the right people is our top priority. Therefore, the most important metric is our Employee Happiness Score (EHS). With this score, we measure how our people feel about working at Helloprint, and what we can still improve. To do so, we make use of ‘Culture Amp’; one of the best people engagement tools in the world.

Measure the trend on a monthly basis

To further explain how we measure employee happiness, we send out a monthly survey with a Net Promoter Score–related question. For example, we ask our Helloprinters

“Would you recommend Helloprint as an employer?”

We like to ask this question since it is harder to misinterpret and easier for respondents to mention both pros and cons to support their responses. In comparison, a question like “are you happy?” is too broad and subjective to draw useful conclusions; any answers that are received may also be influenced by short-lived concerns or misunderstood.

Next to the EHS-question, we like to ask an additional question to discover other areas where we can still improve. We focus on subjects like receiving recognition within the company, and sources of energy boosts and drains. Our goal here is to ensure that we can become the best employer in the world. Therefore, we have our Talent & Culture team who focus on transforming these monthly suggestions into concrete plans of action.

Only hire and promote people who demonstrate our core values

We believe that our ‘DNA’ is what sets us apart from other company models. This is because we base everything we do on our 9 core values without exception. This also applies to the way we review people's performance, and how we make decisions on who to hire, fire, or promote.

To do so, we've developed CultureUP, a performance review document fully based on our company culture. In the CultureUP review, all the managers and team members are asked to complete 1 A4 form of questions that relate to our core values and culture. This happens every 4 months; both our company and people receive improved insights on how Helloprint’s performance is evolving, and how we can all improve further. In the next blog post we will go more in-depth about the reasons behind the CultureUP review, and also give you the possibility to download it.

Do you want know more about how we manage our people? Get in contact with Inge Derks, Head of Talent and Culture ( inge.derks@helloprint.com ) or https://www.linkedin.com/in/inge-derks-giesbergen-99a89611